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Some Midlothian ISD students hope that today will bring something good to their efforts to bring their idea for a new band instrument to market.

“It is truly the first of its kind, and I believe there is a lot more potential with this product,” said Caed Mitchell, a ’21 Midlothian graduate graduate.

Mitchell is a senior engineer for a student entrepreneurship team called Mallet Head. The six-person team designed and produced a set of inexpensive interchangeable mallets for drums and percussion instruments.

Mitchell and Xander Hubbard were both students at the district’s state-of-the-art facility, MILE, which stands for Midlothian Innovative Learning Experience. Mitchell was on the engineering side; Hubbard was on entrepreneurship courses.

The idea from Mitchell’s own experience brought them together.

“About halfway through the first semester, I brought this idea to Xander and his group of entrepreneurs, and they started. They dropped everything and started running with it.” said Mitchell. “I’m a very aggressive percussion player and I run through mallets very, very quickly, breaking them or wearing them out too much. And it got pretty expensive. And throughout the MILE process, it was a great opportunity that In order to be able to come up with the design, I had to use 3D printers for prototypes and really turn my early drawings and ideas into reality. “

Mallets create the sounds in a percussion instrument. A new type of racket designed by MILE students could be a turning point. The entrepreneurial team called Mallet Head designed and produced a set of inexpensive interchangeable mallets for drums and percussion instruments.

“And if we could get band directors to recommend them to their students, students will buy them and we will find more use in different school districts. We hope to build some culture around our brand, ”said Zander Hubbard, a senior at Midlothian High School and the CEO of Mallet Head.

“It really is the first of its kind, and I think there is a lot more potential with this product,” added Mitchell.

Mallet Head and his six team members won $ 7,500 in the district’s local pitch competition. On Wednesday, you will be one of five groups of students taking part in a national competition.

No matter what, the two drum students who lead the project believe that early success is an affirmation that something is on the way.

“To be able to bring something to the community I’ve lived in for so long, and people outside of the band community, people in and out, say this is a great product, good job. It was, it was reality breaker for me. So it was really nice, “said Mitchell.

“I’m just impressed that we’re successful with it. It’s such a great thing. I’m so excited to go out there and hopefully win some more money, ”Hubbard told NBC 5.

Midlothian ISD will have a watch party on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. to cheer Mallet Head on at the national pitch competition.

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