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Erick Mueller, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, will present at the workshop “Demystifying Entrepreneurship – StartUp to ScaleUp” from 16.-17. July Tips on leaving the start-up phase of a company. 2021. (Courtesy photo)

The Logan County Economic Development Corporation and the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder hosted a business workshop entitled “Demystifying Entmystifying Entrepreneurship – StartUp to ScaleUp” from July 16-17 last weekend.

Back for the third of five years, and taught by award-winning faculty members from the CU Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Erick Mueller and Hunter Albright, this year’s program was aimed at those who move out of the startup phase and into what comes as next “.

“I’ve learned so much and my passion for wanting to start this adventure is even greater,” said a 2021 participant.

Roger Hosea, owner of DocuPots, was one of the participants in the workshop “Demystifying Entrepreneurship – StartUp to ScaleUp” from 16.-17. July 2021. (Courtesy photo)

Around 20 local Sterling area entrepreneurs and innovators have come together to learn how to take their business concepts to the next level. Attendees included business owners who are already generating income as well as individuals looking to turn their idea into a reality. The diverse group included the owners of a non-profit organization helping cancer survivors in the Sterling area, a sustainable plant pot that can be planted directly in the ground, and a local fishing guide company.

Roger Hosea from Sterling, Colorado attended the workshop and developed a new flower pot made from recycled paper. Hosea’s core business is a document shredding service for local companies. He has tons of (literally!) Recycled paper that he wanted to reuse and designed this pot for both commercial growers and households. He shared, “It has been so valuable to spend the day learning how to grow my business and given practical tools that I can use tomorrow.”

“It’s so inspiring to work with entrepreneurs across the Sterling area!” Said Mueller. “These are amazing people with real endeavors that can increase impact within the community. Whether it’s building a lifestyle business or scaling a business and creating jobs, that innovative spirit is lifting the entire community off. We can’t wait to return in 2022! ”

“The event was another fantastic program. The impact these entrepreneurs have had on our regional economy is enormous, ”says Trae Miller of Logan County Economic Development Corporation. “We want to keep the momentum going, so LCEDC will be holding monthly business meetings. These meetings become a network and a resource for support and exchange of ideas. “

Attend the LCEDC at The Annex for the Entrepreneur Meetup on Thursday July 29th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

This series of workshops is run in partnership with the CU’s Leeds School of Business and is available in every major rural area in Colorado. The next Demystifying – StartUp to ScaleUp Workshop will be held from July 23rd to 24th, 2021 in Trinidad, Colorado. To register for this event, please visit https://www.centerci.org/cuboulder.

And to find out more about all of the locations, visit: https://www.colorado.edu/business/deming.

Many thanks to those who made this event possible: CU Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship; Logan County Economic Development Corporation; Phillips District Economic Development Office; Yuma County Economic Development Bureau; Bank of Colorado; Holiday Inn Express and Suites by Sterling; Northeast CO rlf; Highline Electric Association; The annex, coworking community; Small Business Development Center; and Logan County Chamber of Commerce

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