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It’s summer and do you know what that means? It means that it is the time of year when most people become mango people. There is hardly anyone who does not love the delicious and juicy fruit mango. And since it is an extremely popular fruit, it is fitting that a special day is dedicated to it. Yes, we are talking about National Mango Day. This day is celebrated on June 22nd each year and is exclusively dedicated to the delicious fruits that people like to eat or sometimes drink during the summer. On this day, here are some viral stories about the king of fruits that you might like to devour.

121 varieties of mango on a single tree

In one experiment, gardeners were able to grow different types of mango in a single tree. 121 varieties grow on such a tree in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur.

Guards and dogs to protect the mango

This mango-related story is about the fruit grower couple Rani and Sankalp Parihar, who hired guards and dogs to protect one of the most expensive mango varieties they grow in their orchard. They are Japanese Miyazaki mangoes. They hired four security guards and six watch dogs, and two guarded their two trees.

Mango and math problem

How can a product as delicious as a mango be associated with a topic that doesn’t really make many feel happy? It does this in this post shared by a Twitter user in the funniest way possible:

The picture shows the hilarious post. (Twitter @ skayeterboy)

Bihar exports GI-tagged mangoes

The first Jardalu mangoes from Bhagalpu, certified according to geographical indications (GI), were exported to London. GI is related to geographic origin? of the product and also certifies its quality.

A fun guide to mango varieties

Are you someone who loves mangoes but can’t keep up with all varieties? If the answer is yes, this video from Digital Creator and Radio Jockey Karishma can help.


Which of these mango-themed stories did you like the most?

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