Small companies are the subsequent large factor as Faire hits $ 7 billion

The online wholesale marketplace Faire is valued at 7 billion US dollars after the latest round of financing.


The online wholesale marketplace Faire, which was created to make life easier for small retailers, artisans, and mom and pop makers, is valued at $ 7 billion after the recent injection of funds.

The financing round tripled the rating of Faire. It developed from a startup to a unicorn-times-seven in just four years.

The $ 260 million Series F investment round is yet another sign that technology investors are betting that there is money to be made from small business digital solutions.

The success of Shopify, the small business-centric web hosting platform whose shares have soared from an initial offering of $ 17 in 2015 to over $ 1,220 today, has led investors to look to the next big thing for small businesses to participate.

Faire’s business model is to provide local retailers with the same tools as large retailers – collective purchasing power for better prices, access to capital, free returns, and data on how products are being sold across the country. Faire also handles payments, facilitates international transactions for mom and pop stores, and earns commissions on sales made through the website.

The financing round rented by Sequoia Capital includes all existing investors as well as the new investors Baillie Gifford and Wellington Management. The investment comes as Faire expands into Europe and taps the $ 1 trillion European market.

Faire currently operates in the largest markets in Europe, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy, and plans to expand across continental Europe this year.

According to Faire, the potential for rapid growth is even greater in Europe than in the US.

The volume of Faire in Europe is growing to about $ 50 million annually, a magnitude that lasted two years in the United States, and during the first 30 days after its launch in various European countries, Faire’s growth in Europe outpaced the US -Growth by 230%, according to the company.

The four co-founders of the online wholesale marketplace Faire.

The founders of Faire took the company from its inception to a valuation of $ 7 billion in four years.


The founders of Faire say their company’s ability to triple its business in the midst of a pandemic with sales of over 75 million items last year is further proof that betting on small businesses was a smart move.

“Faire’s pace of growth signals that independent retailers around the world are evolving and changing the face of the retail industry as we know it,” said Max Rhodes, CEO and co-founder of Faire, upon announcing the funding.

Faire is currently used by 200,000 retailers in North America and Europe and 20,000 manufacturer brands in over 80 countries.

“We are in the middle of a decade-long digital transformation,” says Ravi Gupta, partner at Sequoia Capital. Fair, said Gupta. “Is leading the way in digitizing the multi-trillion dollar global wholesale market.”

Rhodes and his co-founders – Marcelo Cortes, Jeff Kolovson, and Daniele Perito – came up with the idea for Faire while trying to sell a high-end umbrella. While they spent a lot of energy selling the umbrella in large department store chains, they found that the umbrella actually sold better in independent stores and boutiques. But there was no easy way to reach these businesses or connect with them digitally. So the founders of Faire built one.

Now they like to point out that independent retailers in North America and Europe have more than double the sales of Walmart and Amazon combined. And as Shopify showed, you have big business when you take a small slice of millions of small business sales.

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