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“Lemeki is a little diva when it comes to drinking water,” read the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust caption on Instagram.

By Srimoyee Chowdhury

PUBLISHED ON JUL 21, 2021 07:53 PM

Elephants are one of those animals that can make you happy with their silly, silly and sometimes clever behavior. Well, these videos of an elephant named Lekeni are here to cheer you up. The videos are shared on Instagram by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and are a must see.

“Lemeki is a little diva when it comes to drinking water,” says the caption and the videos show how it works. We won’t spoil the fun for you, watch the video:


The clip was shared about 15 hours ago and has received more than 17,000 likes and several enthusiastic responses. Netizens couldn’t hold back their laughter at the picky elephant and showered the comment area with heart emojis. Many also pointed out how the video brightened their day.

“The last little kick at the end! So embarrassing when your tantrums get uncomfortable, “wrote an Instagram user. “Did I make myself clear? No buckets! ”Commented another as he voiced Lemeki’s likely thoughts.

“And a diva is born,” said a third.

What do you think of this clip?

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